Science and Spirituality

Early this phenomenon was discussed controversial and presumably will be for a long time.
Again it is an analogy to the Crop Circle - phenomenon. On one hand the supporters, people with a positive attitude to the paranormal, often upon personal experiences and, or studying the esoteric tradition for years. On the other hand ad hoc single voices on the part of science, who are asked for comment, when this issue means to leave subculture to a broader public. 

These voices reproduce the common standard of modern science and presumably reflecting the general publics opinion, who not really recognized this issue yet.

With the appearance of the Circles of Light, many observers had the impression, it must be a miracle, as if the light signs just came from nowhere.
Basis of the discussion about the Circles of Light must be today that this light patterns almost all have to be seen in relation with the sunlight or another source of light and glass panes from windows. 
The point at issue is, are the Circles of Light a pure product of light and glass panes or must there be a factor, that makes more out of that what windowpanes and the sunlight are able to create.

Arguments and counterarguments

Argument from skeptics: This phenomenon can be explained exclusively by the factors light and glass panes.

Counterargument: The Circles of Light appeared increasingly about the millennium. If it just was a pure physical phenomenon, Circles of Lights must have been known pretty much earlier.

Counterargument on that: The phenomenon appeared by the time with modern insulating windows, which are in use lately. This new isolating windows does the light signs.

Counterargument on that one: Evidently there are also Circles of Light by “old” windows. Anyway the proof is missing, that the appearance of the Circles of Light really occurred when these modern windows was allegedly built in so frequently.

Argument from the supporters: Such unusual and beautiful forms cannot be reflected by rectangular glass panes.

Counterargument: Windows with double glazing can for example by strong negative pressure or vacuum in the space between the panes get distorted, so the panes can reflect the typical light circle forms by it curvature. This was proved by a swiss man inasmuch, as he created a vacuum in between a double glazing window by using a pump and with a spotlight as light source he could create a typical Circle of Light.

Counterargument on that: There is no vacuum in between double glazing windows, this experiment just proves, that there must be an influence from “outside” to create a Circle of Light. Apart from that, there are other forms of Circles of Light, that are also inconsistent with the vacuum-theory, notably that close beside some Circles of Light simple rectangular reflections could be seen.

Summarizing comment:

Who wants to prove the Circle of Light phenomenon as pure physically has to explain, how the window panes get deform so, and this about the Millennium, that the various forms are created, but at the same time quite “usual” spots of light.
If this indeed fails, than just the other side remains as possibility – the side of the paranormal, spiritual, the esoteric and of the believe.