Theories about Circles of Light

For there is no evidence about origin or meaning of Circles of Light, we merely can make thoughts about it and create theories. Statements and opinions on the Circles of Light phenomenon are quoted equal matched at this place.

The scientific view is already known. Therefore Circles of Light are just a product of reflected sunlight, by accidentally distortions from window panes. (In Germany also known as “Kissenförmige Verzerrung” – “pillow-shaped distortion”)

The official science may has an important role in our society, even it has problems with an integral philosophy of life and all the more reject any esoteric idea. Nevertheless also science is on the verge to a huge step in process forward. It must open itself to the fact of a inner dimension of the world, otherwise it will lose its position in society.

But now the really interesting statements about Circles of Light and Patterns of Light:  

Angels – theory

Once a women said to me, she could imagine, that each Circle of Light sign is created by an angel, that is located between the house walls, say the concerning window, that reflects the light and the house wall or street, where the Circle of Light is pictured.
Along the angels - theory the orb - phenomenon is quite often related, but without a certain idea about how.

Falun Gong / The Swastika - symbol
A woman from the Falun Gong movement was convinced by watching some pictures of Circles of Light to see the Swastika Symbol in them. She also reported from her group, that wondrously appearances of the Falun or the Swastika symbol are known, for example as an atmospheric appearance. But this opinion is not an official statement of the Falun Gong movement.

Worldteacher / Spacebrothers - theory
The most extensive theory for the Circles of Light offers the Share International group. As already said, this group has accompanied the signs from the beginning. According to them the Circles of Light were at first, besides other miracle signs, a signal for the arrival of the world teacher for the Age of Aquarius, called Maitreya. And second the teacher Maitreya creates the Circles of Light in cooperation with the spacebrothers. Apart from the sunlight a further energy shall there be released with a positive effect against air pollution. With that, Circles of Light are part of the mission of the spacebrothers to protect planet earth, bounded to certain rules, from to much pollution and atomic contamination.

Spacebrother / UFO - theory
A spontaneous comment from a UFO/Crop Circle believer, by looking at some pictures of Circles of Light: “Now they do it on house walls!”