Remark on copyright

This website aims to make the Circles of Light more known, the more, it would be beautiful, if people then grab their photo camera and search for Circles of Light in their surrounding and picture them on their own. 

If people like to publish their pictures here (really welcome!), they should not be disappointed by discovering them at other places in internet or other media not allowed by someone even making profit out of it. 

Pictures from visitors of this site will always be provided with copyright, by request also with the name of the sender. Even the website labels the send in pictures with copyright, the rights will still be at the owners. The website doesn’t pursue commercial aims.

Who is in media business and wants to use the Circles of Light issue in a commercial way, can take their own photos. Without permission it is not allowed to use the pictures published here. To that websites with advertising banners certainly counts as well.

Allowed is the download for private interest. For your own gallery on your PC. Sending to other private persons, printing and decorate the wall with it, printing it on a T-shirt, if you doesn’t sell it - etc.