Circles of Light in the media

The appearance of the Circles of Light caused a certain reaction in the media. Remarkable also is that Circles of Light appear incidentally in movies or TV productions - an unintentional documentation, so to say.


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Stassen Gazette 10/11 2014   Stassen Gazette 12/01 '14/15 

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"Avanti" No. 52, 2005  Wochenblatt, Regensb.2001 Wochenblatt, Regensb. Letters t.t. editor    

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Magazin 2000plus No.164  Hamburger Morgenpost, 2002 "tz" Munich 8. u. 13. 8.01  

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"Le phénomène extraordinaire des cercles de lumière" by Jean Richardet, Trafford Editions 2005 (ISBN 1412063639)

"Rakkaus vai Pelka" by Markku Jyväkorpi, Lootus-kirja Oy (ISBN 9525318109) (Norway)

"Le Petit Rodolphe Et Les Cercles de Lumiere" by Rodolphe Kappel, LULU PR 2010 (ISBN-13: 9781446118801)

Movie and TV

"Spiderman" (2002), Tobey Maguire - USA. Approx. 16th and 55th min.
What Doesn't Kill You" (2008), Brian Goodman - USA. Approx. 107/109th min.
"The Invention of Lying" (2009), Ricky Gervais - USA. Approx. 32/33rd min.
"Person of Interest" (2011)- USA. Season 1 / Ep. 12. Approx. 12/13thmin. and Ep. 14. Approx. 21st min.
"Person of Interest" (2012) - USA. Season 2 / Ep. 16. Approx. 3rd min.
"Person of Interest" (2013) - USA. Season 3 / Ep. 20. Approx. 10th min.
"Person of Interest" (2014) - USA. Season 4 / Ep. 4. Approx. 18-19th min.
"The Knick" (2014) - USA. Season 1 / Ep. 7. Aprrox. 22nd min.