You can work on the topic of the Circles of Light from many sides, e. g. like this web page tries to do: By documentation and bring on theories and scientific discussion. But a phenomenon as the Circles of Light stimulates philosophising. If the Circles of Light were created by a conscious force, probably this is the reason for. If we should never get behind the secret of the Circles of Light, then they stimulate our mind and our imagination anyway. This is already worth it.

This web page has subjected the way, it wants to handle the phenomenon of the Circle of Lights to a certain question. Who, among us human, owns the Circles of Light? The answer has to be – nobody! From this results that an „official“ Homepage of Circles of Light only deserves the name when it remains neutral against all ideas and remarks. But the name “official Homepage” is a little joke. The quotation marks are the wink of the understanding that a phenomenon like the Circles of Light cannot have a home page of its own. ;-)

What is particular special about Circles of Light? Their medium. They are created with light and the term “light” for itself carries so much in it. Even for the natural science light is an exciting topic. Light is also wave and particle. Light is vital - plants, animals and humans can’t exist without light (apart from the creatures of the deep sea). It has been already proved long time before that light influences the psyche positively and therefore it is also used therapeutically.

The sunlight is an important constituent in the future energy supply today. In the painting and literature light is of importance and it is the nature of film and photography.

From a spiritual view “light” means so much more. Light stands as a synonym for high level energy, for transformation, for heeling and for the conscious of the world, even for God (“I am the light of the world”).
People frequently ask, if the Circles of Light mean something, have a message. Not less apply the Circles of Light  they discover to theirselves, as a wink from “above”, especially if they appear in their personal surrounding. There is hardly something to say about. At last we know to less - there are statements but no prove. It just remains to respect personal impressions and opinions. The same question is about the crop circles, what do they mean and some wants to have “encoded” their message. Do the solutions satisfy? When phenomenon like Circles of Light or Crop Circles do have a message, could it possible be that they don’t transmit a message as we are used to, by words and sentences? As not in the way our mind and our emotion works but probably more like higher intuition works? Is their beauty and the unbelievable creativity behind such phenomenon the real message and wouldn’t it tell much more enough about their creators..?

Finally it seems to be a good advice, to keep an open attitude and equally the respect of the own and of the others opinion. In this spirit this website wants to serve informational work about the Circles of Light.