Help this Site to grow and make it more interesting! Circles of Light are to be found almost everywhere – let us document this here remarkably! Take pictures of Circles of Light when spot some and send them in as a file or print. Please quote where and when you take the picture if possible. 
Unintentionally Circles of Light appear in movies or tv productions. Write it, if you notice!

How to find Circles of Light…

If you search for Circles of Light, you obviously do that at a sunny day. Circles of Light can be spot likely at lower sun and cloudless sky. Better in the morning or in the afternoon and better from autumn to spring than in summer. If you want to spot Circles of Light in summer you should take a look early in the morning or in the evening. You search in a town or where some houses are standing next to each other. You orientate at the incidence of the sunlight and look out for window panes, that are located in the way of the sunlight. Then you look where these windows supposed to reflect the sunlight.
You will make a find soon!