Terms and Definitions


Circle of Light / Circles of Light:
The first and most common term of the phenomenon. It’s origin is not known. On one hand its name relates to the figure of the first forms that was spotted. And, on the other hand, it’s a correspondence to the Crop-Circles, which were composed mainly with circles. This “origin form” shows up as a circle or oval formed shaped spot of light with a x-like sign of light in its centre.

Patterns of Light: 
Just like the crop-circles, in the course of time the Circles of Light appeared in quiet various forms, for that the name “Circle of lights” didn’t make the grade. Therefore the term “patterns of light” was used recently, but in general in accompany with the still dominating term “Circles of Light”.

Crosses of Light: 
In some places in Germany Circles of Light temporarily were named “Crosses of Light”. But it is reasonable to differentiate this two terms from each other, because “Crosses of Light” were quite another phenomenon. Crosses of Light were figures of light within ridged windowpanes from a light source within or without a building, which look like a sort of cross.


Something that is apparent to the senses, an remarkable or extraordinary appearance.

Circles of Light:
Circles of Light or Patterns of Light are patterns as well as geometric forms from light, and in nearly all cases are reflections by sunlight reflected to windowpanes to house walls or the streets, unproofed to be made except by the coincidence of sunlight and windowpanes, therefore often percieved as extraordinary, beautiful or significant.